Color Trend Forecast for Plastics

ColorForward™ Color Trend Forecasting Tool

Inspired Color Concepts for Future Plastic Designs 

ColorForward is the annual forecasting tool that focuses on color concepts for the plastic industry. This unique tool helps plastic product designers and marketing professionals make more informed color choices for plastics and synthetic fibers used in consumer, packaging, and automotive products.  

ColorForward is developed annually by a group of color, material, finish (CMF) specialists with industry and marketing experts from around the world. The color selection is based on intensive research of the societal trends that are expected to reach prominence around the world and to influence, consciously or unconsciously, consumers‘ aesthetic preferences over the next few years. The pillar of ColorForward is the selection of four trend stories and, for each of them, five color concepts leading to a palette of twenty color concepts forecasted to elicit a response from consumers.  

These forecasted color concepts are not to be seen as fixed or limited choices, but as stimulants to inspiration and imagination. They should be explored, interpreted, and adapted to reinforce brand equity and to serve a variety of product and marketing needs, as well as specific regional influences.  

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  • Provides inspiration for the design of plastics used in consumer products, packaging and automotive applications
  • Color concepts based on intensive research into global societal trends and their influences on consumers’ color choices
  • Rendered into different plastic and fiber illustrations showcased during a live presentation by our experts to spur creativity and imagination
  • Aesthetics can be adapted to customers’ requirements with the assistance of our ColorWorks Design and Technology Centers



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