Non-PFAS Processing Aid

Cesa™ Non-PFAS Process Aid for Extrusion

Improves Productivity and Appearance

Cesa™ Non-PFAS Process Aid for Extrusion enables processing performance comparable to traditional fluoropolymer-based solutions. Formulated without fluoropolymers, which may be classifiable as per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS), it reduces friction between the polymer and the metal during extrusion, allowing the polymer to be more easily extruded. It aids in reducing melt fracture, eliminating die build-up, and lowering torque for higher throughput. Reducing melt fracture, also known as sharkskin, has the additional benefit of improving optical properties and providing a higher-quality product appearance.

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  • Specifically for use in polyethylene and polypropylene applications
  • Provides improved productivity and better process stability for film or sheet extrusion, pipe extrusion, or extrusion blow molding
  • Lessens friction to allow the polymer to be more easily extruded
  • Reduces melt fracture to improve optical properties
  • Formulation has no intentionally-added PFAS



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