Continuous Fiber Composite Panels

From boat decks to RV bunks, and shipping containers to military shelters, our high fiber volume, glass-reinforced thermoplastic panels, continuous resin transfer molding (CRTM™) thermoset sandwich panels and ballistic resistant panels can streamline production, decrease system costs, and reduce weight across a wide range of applications.

CRTM™ Panels

Sandwich panels made using Continuous Resin Transfer Molding process provide structural integrity, and are lightweight and cost-effective

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GlasArmor™ and ThermoBallistic™ Ballistic Resistant Panels

Constructed to provide any facility with the latest in military grade protection from armed attackers

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Hammerhead™ Marine Composite Panels

Durable, lightweight and impact-resistant thermoplastic composite panels to streamline marine manufacturing

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Polystrand™ Thermoplastic Composite Panels

Versatile panels that are strong, lightweight, and available in virtually unlimited lengths, and widths up to 10 feet

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