Processing Enhancement Concentrates

Cesa™ PlastOne™ Processing Enhancing Additive

Reduced Cycle Times, Improved Aesthetics 

Cesa™ PlastOne™ concentrates can reduce cycle times, reduce scrap rates, and improve part aesthetics in injection molding and extrusion processes. Studies have shown that simply adding PlastOne concentrates to your resin can help you reduce cycle times by as much as 5 to 17 percent, even if the operating profile is left unchanged. When the concentrates are coupled with recalibrations to your processing equipment, even greater reductions can be achieved. Learn how we can help you to optimize your process and you’ll see even greater benefits.

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  • Reduced mold packing and hold times, lower injection and back pressures, and reduced scrap rates for shorter cycle times
  • Improved dimensional stability to reduce "toe in" on thin wall lids, improved dimensions of large parts, and reduced warpage on parts with long walls
  • Improved look and feel of finished parts



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