Performance: Metrics and Monitoring

To quantify risk and reduce it over time, Avient monitors several key performance indicators on a regular basis: Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), Lost Time Injury/Illness Rate(LTIR), and Injuries of High Consequence (IOHC).

These rates are compiled globally and reported on a monthly basis to all leadership personnel in the company. As Avient is focused on its ultimate goal of zero recordable injuries and our ongoing desire to integrate safety into all aspects of our operations, we track annual reduction goals measured at the business unit and regional levels. Progress toward zero recordable injuries is communicated globally and celebrated.

Leading indicators are also tracked to ensure efforts to identify and eliminate risk proactively continue. These leading indicators include the continuous monitoring of progress on corrective and preventive actions, the number of risk assessments performed, details on the amount of risk eliminated or mitigated, the number of internal audits conducted and participation rates of Global Safety Day activities.

performance metrics