Technora® Fiber

Technora® Fiber

High Strength & Abrasion Resistance

Technora® fiber was first made commercially available in 1987.

Technora® fiber is an aromatic copolyamide that has a highly oriented molecular structure, consisting of both para and meta linkages. Technora fiber is produced by condensation polymerization of different copolymers, yielding a high modulus, low creep, and thermally stable fiber.


Common Types & Deniers
T-200 Rubber Reinforcement
T221, T220N Rope, Cable, Cord
T-240 Fabrics, Composites
Deniers: 200, 400, 720, 1000, 1500

Technora® is a trademark of Teijin Kabushiki Kaisha.

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  • High tenacity & modulus
  • Excellent abrasion & fatigue resistance
  • Excellent chemical & steam resistance
  • Very low creep
  • High thermal stability
  • Lower moisture regain than other para-aramids
  • Available natural and black

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Technora Fiber Data
Property Standard Modulus
Breaking Tenacity (g/d) 28.0
Specific Gravity (ratio) 1.39
Elongation at Break (%) 4.6
Tensile Modulus (g/d) 590
Equilibrium Moisture Regain at 55% RH (%) 2.0
Creep at 40 - 48% ult tensile strength (%) <1.5
Shrinkage dry air 177 ̊ 30 mins (%) <0.1
Decomposition Temp ( ̊C) 500
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