Liquid Masterbatch System

HIFORMER™ Liquid Masterbatches

Converse, Co-Create, Complete

HIFORMER™ – the brand new system for liquid masterbatches. It offers a unique combination of chemistry, engineering and consultancy that encourages top performance, flexibility, sustainable solutions and excellence for any product idea that you can imagine. With HIFORMER, you are surrounded by service, technology and expertise from the design stage to the start of production and beyond. This system is founded on three primary elements: Converse, Co-Creation, and Complete. 

Converse: Determining Your Needs

Avient works closely with all relevant stakeholders to define the parameters of your project, identify major objectives and map out potential limitations. We discuss trends with designers, weigh the advantages of liquid versus solid masterbatches and make a fully informed decision about the most beneficial masterbatch solution.

Co-Create: Customizing Your Product
During the second phase, the brand owner and the plastics processor work together to develop customized solutions for the specific needs of the application. This is when a color is selected from our unlimited palette, additives are put in and a real molded sample is created using all your specified materials. 

Complete: Ensuring Performance

Finally, our global HIFORMER team makes sure materials and equipment are delivered on time and that your HIFORMER process starts up efficiently and satisfactorily. Then, we stay involved, ensuring that your product enters the market successfully and delivers long-term profitability.

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