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Eight ways we help customers meet their sustainability goals through material science:

How Our Products Enable Sustainability

Avient defines our Sustainability Portfolio in the eight ways in which we help our customers meet their innovation and sustainability goals through material science. In 2020, we updated our applications and revenue to better represent how we enable our customers’ sustainability goals, as well reflect the sustainable technologies of recently acquired Clariant Masterbatch business. The updated revenue performance is provided herein. 

We actively design our solutions to our customers' sustainability needs, including lightweighting, improved recycle solutions and eco-conscious benefits. This portfolio has grown from $340M in 2016 to $790M in 2020, and the megatrends of the future indicate continued growth and demand. In fact, in 2020 approximately 60% of the revenue generated from sustainable solutions came from products designed for resource conservation*. 

As the world begins to shift from operating in a linear economy to a circular economy, Avient is proud to be a part of the solution. Through our design expertise and material science, we help our customers make their products more recyclable, increase post-consumer recycled content, formulate with bio-based materials, use less material during production and reduce energy required for production, just to name a few.

Revenue from Sustainable Solutions graphic

Revenue from Sustainable Solutions** 2016–2020