Fiber Additives

Textiles are used in a variety of applications and need to meet stringent performance and regulatory requirements. Additives can help by enhancing properties such as; flame retardency for building and construction applications, UV stabilization for outdoor products and antimicrobial effect for hygienic applications. Additives can also be used to improve fiber production processes. Avient offers a wide range of additive concentrates, a.k.a masterbatches that are specially formulated for spun-dyed filaments and staple fibers, and nonwoven fabrics. Other functional additives include anti-static, antioxidants, optical brighteners, and chain extenders for recycled polyester fibers.


•    Wide portfolio of additive concentrates in solid and liquid form
•    Product guidance from fiber expert team
•    Possibility to combine color and additive into a single masterbatch
•    Fully equipped laboratories
•    Focus on safe and sustainable formulations

CESA Fiber Additives

Cesa™ Fiber Additives

The Cesa Fiber Additives portfolio includes a wide range of performance enhancing and processing additive masterbatches in pellet form, suitable for spun-dyed polyester, polypropylene and polyamide.

CESA Antimosquito

Cesa™ Fiber Antimosquito Additives

These specially formulated concentrates are used in the production of mosquito nets to provide efficient and durable protection from mosquitos through controlled release of the alpha-cypermethrin insecticide. 

Cesa Fiber Tracer

Cesa™ Fiber Tracer Concentrates

Avient's Cesa Fiber Tracer Concentrates are developed to include a custom taggant, unique to the customer and product line, which helps trace the fibers back to their producer.

Magiq Liquid Fiber Colorants

MagIQ™ Liquid Fiber Colorants and Additives

These liquid concentrates, which are injected in the spun-dyed polymer melt, provide excellent color fastness and allow rapid color changes.

MagiQ Nonwoven Electret

MagIQ™ Nonwoven Electret

MagIQ™ Nonwoven Electret is a portfolio of electret masterbatches that improves the dielectric properties of meltblown nonwoven polypropylene thus supporting long-lasting filtration.