Control Acetaldehyde

ColorMatrix™ AAnchor™ Acetaldehyde Scavenger

Sustainable Product Quality

ColorMatrix AAnchor is an acetaldehyde control technology developed to address the challenges associated with increased rPET content in PET packaging. With its unique formulation, AAnchor offers improved recyclability, reduced regulatory risk, and enhanced bottle quality, making it the ideal solution for brands looking to incorporate higher levels of recycled material in their packaging.  

Improved Recyclability

Increased rPET content requires higher levels of acetaldehyde (AA) scavenger, which can lead to issues. ColorMatrix AAnchor provides enhanced processability, recyclability, and reduced regulatory risk due to migration particularly in closed loop recycle systems.

Reduced Regulatory Risk

Anthranilamide based AA scavengers are prone to migration and formation of primary aromatic amines, both of which increase regulatory risk. ColorMatrix AAnchor has low migration risk and does not form primary aromatic amines. It meets the highest standards of food safety and complies with EU regulations.

Enhanced Bottle Quality

Due to improved thermal stability ColorMatrix AAnchor will not sublime and cause mold deposition unlike ATA-based AA scavengers. This helps to reduce down time, improve productivity and bottle quality. 

Acetaldehyde Reduction

Commercial case studies have demonstrated that ColorMatrix AAnchor effectively reduces acetaldehyde levels in PET preforms, meeting customer specifications for low acetaldehyde content. This results in improved taste and odor control, extending the shelf life of the packaged products.  

Global Regulatory Approvals

ColorMatrix AAnchor is approved for use in the EU. FDA approval is anticipated in 2024.

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Recycle Solutions


  • For PET and rPET preforms in food and beverage packaging
  • Achieve excellent AA reduction
  • Enable increased rPET content
  • Improve productivity
  • Compatible with extrusion and injection molding processes for both EBM and ISBM



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