Crosslinkable Elastomers

Barricade™ Elastomers with Fortrex™ Technology

High Temperature, Low Compression Set

Barricade™ high-performance elastomers bring next generation technology to market to bridge the gap between traditional TPEs and silicone. These crosslinkable elastomers expand opportunities for many applications by offering high temperature compression set performance and a lighter weight solution when compared to certain conventional TPVs, silicones and thermoset rubbers.

This specialty material also shows improved tear strength over general purpose TPV and silicone materials, and it maintains the design flexibility and processing capabilities of thermoplastics. These combined characteristics make Barricade elastomers a suitable choice for tubing, hoses, seals, gaskets and more in consumer, healthcare and industrial applications.

Barricade formulations leverage licensed Fortrex™ technology. Fortrex is a trademark of Cooper-Standard Automotive, Inc.

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  • High temperature performance
  • Low compression set
  • Improved tear strength
  • Lighter density than general silicone and thermoset rubber grades
  • Translucent, yet colorable



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