Utilizing Ocean Plastic for a More Circular Economy

ocean plastic

The Challenge

According to projections, the world may produce over 400 million tons of plastic waste annually by 2030 (National Geographic). Consumer demand for more sustainable, eco-friendly products continues to grow along with regulatory pressure. Recycled plastics can be used to create new products across several industries, but one brand owner in particular was looking to incorporate recycled plastics in their consumer applications. The sustainability goals were clear: conserve more material, reduce energy usage, and reduce plastic waste in the environment.

The Solution

Avient developed new recycled-content materials to enable its customers to achieve their goals and add options for the circular economy. Available in North America, injection-moldable reSound™ R VX TPEs utilize 25% (PCR) and up to 40 percent (PIR) recycled content, and both grades can be overmolded onto polypropylene (PP). The PCR grade is formulated with ocean bound plastics from Oceanworks®, an accelerator program participant within the Alliance to End Plastic Waste. These TPE grades, formulated for consumer applications, can be used in personal care products, lawn and garden tools, outdoor goods, office supplies, footwear, and houseware durables.

The Impact

reSound R recycled content formulations helped this brand owner deliver on their sustainability goals. By using recycled content, the customer made significant strides toward the circular economy, conserved materials and reduced energy usage by over 65%. Additionally, for every one ton of plastic recycled, the customer saves planet Earth the equivalent of 1,000–2,000 gallons of gasoline.*

*Plastics Industry Association