Surface Modifier Additives

Plastic surfaces can be sensitive or reactionary to a number of factors, but modifying those surfaces during manufacturing can greatly improve product performance. A variety of polymer additives are available to help eliminate unwanted visual reactions such as fogging or scratching, while other additive technologies can improve processing or end-use functionality. From anti-fog additives that allow clarity in films to low retention additives that repel water or other liquids, surface modification solutions can help to reduce costs, improve manufacturing efficiencies, and enhance overall product quality and value.

meat pack

Cesa™ Anti-Fog Additives

Eliminate fogging to maintain clarity on food packaging and greenhouse or horticultural films.

Pipette tips

Cesa™ Low Retention Additives

Enable surfaces to repel liquids and minimizes the need to apply secondary coatings.

Circuit Board

Cesa™ Stat Antistatic Additives

Control static build-up to improve processability and create safer, statically-dissipated parts.