Water Blocking & Absorbing Yarn


Swellcoat™ Water Blocking & Absorbing Yarn 

Protect & Extend Cable Life

Our patented Swellcoat™ coatings are engineered to be the last line of defense against the damaging effects of water penetration in cable applications. Formulated to process cleanly and efficiently, they eliminate the need to deal with messy gels.

Swellcoat™ impregnated fibers efficiently introduce SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) into fiber optic cable binders, fillers, and buffer threads to prevent moisture ingress in dry cable design by creating a stable gel, absorbing up to 100x their weight.

Swellcoat™ Blocker yarns provide water-blocked strength reinforcements for dry cable designs and can absorb up to 15x their weight.

Our water blocking and absorbing yarn and flat, uncoated binder yarns are supplied on a variety of colored, embossed and/or slit cardboard tubes to meet your equipment needs. Plastic, wood, or metal reels are also available. Our precision wound packages yield the greatest length per package and ensure solid package stability and minimum ballooning at speeds reaching 4000 rpm's.

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  • Low, ultra low, & zero shrink yarn available
  • Precision wound for optimal speeds
  • Single & dual ends available
  • Low dust
  • Replaces messy gels


Product Bulletin: Swellcoat™ Water Blocking Yarn


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Popular Water Blocking & Absorbing Products
FG# Description
FG1910 Poly yarn with Swellcoat water absorbing coating
FG1818 Poly yarn with Swellcoat water absorbing coating
FG1970 Kevlar yarn with Swellcoat Blocker water blocking coating
FG10492 Poly yarn with Swellcoat coating for buffer tube protection
FG1913 Poly yarn with Swellcoat water absorbing coating
FG13714 Poly yarn with Swellcoat water absorbing coating
FG1894 Twisted poly yarn with Swellcoat Blocker water blocking coating
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