Visual Enhancement Effects

Appearance can be everything. Whether you want your product to have a unique and novel look or want it to maintain a like-new impression, there are colorants and additives that can help. From technologies that brighten and whiten plastic products to ones that make them glow in the dark, there are solutions for enhancing just about any surface. 

Check out our broad range of colorants and additives that can turn an everyday item into one that stands out to customers. The possibilities are nearly endless for how we can help beautify and enhance your product to set it apart from the competition. 


Cesa™ Bright Optical Brighteners

These brighteners improve the long-term white appearance of finished plastic products.

car interior door handle and window controls

Cesa™ Scratch & Mar Resistance Additives

Give your product the extra protection it needs to stand up to daily surface abrasion. 

Car dashboard

ColorMatrix™ Optica™ Specialty Toners for PC

Cutting-edge liquid toner for polycarbonate that provides visual clarity and improves surface aesthetics.

Neon tunnel

OnColor™ Edgeglo Colorants

Fluorescent concentrates that can cause part edges, embossing, and reliefs to glow brighter than flat surfaces.


OnColor™ FX Special Effect Colorants

A wide range of visual effects, including brilliant metallic, wood grain, granite, pearlescence, and so much more.

car interior

Smartbatch™ Fabric FX

Add the soft appearance of fabric to parts without the hassle and cost of adding actual textiles.