Enabling Recyclability in Dairy Packaging

The Challenge

As with most industries, sustainability is consistently taking the mainstage for food and beverage packaging companies, and encouraging responsible business goals.

Some single use applications contain various layered components, making it difficult for waste facilities to effectively separate and recycle the packaging. This kind of layered packaging is common in dairy products because it keeps the liquid inside while keeping bacteria outside. If a product is not recycled into the same product, it is down-cycled into a lower value product.

So when a particular customer came to Avient wanting to displace non-recyclable dairy packaging, we accepted the challenge.

The Solution

ColorMatrix™ Lactra™ SX Light Blocking Additives for PET provided high-performance light blocking technology and enabled a recyclable alternative to long-life dairy packaging. This additive is particularly suitable in packaging for ultra-high temperature (UHT) liquid dairy products, as these types of products have a longer shelf life, making them more susceptible to light-induced oxidation due to ambient storage conditions.

The Impact

UHT dairy products require special packaging consideration for long ambient shelf life. Lactra™ SX provided the customer with highperformance light blocking capabilities, which enabled them to meet their sustainability goal of creating more recyclable package.