Oxygen Scavengers for PET Bottles

ColorMatrix™ Capture™ Oxygen Scavenger

Extends Shelf Life

ColorMatrix™ Capture™ Oxygen Scavenger is a novel technology for the PET & rPET beverage packaging market. It works by scavenging oxygen in both the bottle headspace and that passes through the bottle wall, helping enhance product protection and extend the shelf life of oxygen-sensitive beverages.  

This fully recyclable solution has APR Critical Guidance Recognition for use in PET. ColorMatrix Capture technology is 100% contained within the closure, effectively eliminating the need for active oxygen scavengers and barriers in the bottle. It maintains bottle clarity with no discoloration, enabling higher rPET content or the use of any PET grade, and with no negative impact to the recycle stream.

The closure with the scavenger can be separated from the PET during recycling and is 100% compatible with the polyolefin closure recycle stream. By moving the oxygen scavenger to the cap, there is greater flexibility for the bottle design, including lightweighting options.

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  • Innovative technology helps brands protect oxygen-sensitive beverages and meet sustainability goals
  • 100% recyclable with no negative impact on the recycle stream
  • Allows use of 100% rPET
  • Non-yellowing, no discoloration or hazing
  • Maintains bottle clarity
  • Contributes to higher quality rPET supply and helps reuse and minimization of PET waste



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