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Sustainability in Healthcare

Plastics are a crucial tool in saving lives and improving health and safety in our communities. Protective equipment like masks and sterile packaging help to prevent disease transmission, while critical devices like ventilators and CPAP machines work to save lives. At Avient, we understand the need for medicine is an exact science, so our teams work closely with our customers to meet their demanding performance and regulatory requirements. We help our customers overcome healthcare challenges with durable, lightweight, and eco-conscious materials. From labware for diagnostic testing to CT scanners for pinpointing the location of tumors, we continue to help our customers increase the quality of human life.

As the focus on sustainability continues to grow in the healthcare industry, Avient has continued to evolve our portfolio to meet our customers’ needs. Our portfolio is designed to help our customers overcome healthcare challenges with durable, lightweight, eco-conscious and lower carbon footprint materials.

Sustainable Solutions Highlights

Gravi-TechTM Density-Modified Formulations are unique, high-density materials that avoid the regulatory, disposal and employee exposure challenges associated with lead.

Mevopur™ Healthcare Bio-Based Polymer Solutions are color and performance-enhancing additive solutions formulated with bio-based polymers for healthcare applications.

Mevopur™ Nucleation Additive Concentrates help produce thinner walls in polyolefin applications while maintaining mechanical properties and reduce Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) in HDPE.

Mevopur™ Chemical Foaming Agents (CFA) enable reduced material use, while meeting regulatory requirements for medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging.

NEU™ Custom Capabilities offer engineered thermoplastic material solutions that support patient comfort and clinician sanitary needs.

Remafin™ EP White Colorants for Pharmaceutical Packaging designed for a range of pharmaceuticals, safeguarding light transmission while meeting regulatory requirements.

Trilliant™ HC Glass Filled Polyketone offers a lower carbon footprint alternative to nylon with excellent chemical resistance, high temperature performance, and good wear resistance.

Versaflex HC Thermoplastic Elastomers are formulated to meet demanding healthcare device and application challenges without phthalate plasticizers. These solutions offer high clarity and bond to a variety of substrates.

WithStandAntimicrobial Technology provides antimicrobial and antifungal additives that reduce bacterial, mold and fungal growth in finished plastic parts used in hospital surfaces.

Biopharma Clamp

Application Highlight: Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Clamps

Eco-conscious Human Health & SafetyLightweighting

The Challenge

Develop an alternative to traditional nylon materials that meets dimensional stability, impact and wear resistance requirements, while enabling the customer to address consistency of supply and sustainability objectives.

The Solution & Impact

Avient’s newest Trilliant™ HC formulation not only provided improved chemical resistance over traditional nylon, it was developed a lower carbon footprint material. This allowed the customer to switch to a sustainable solution without compromising performance.