Advancing Development of Treated Bed Nets for Malaria Control

The Challenge

According to the World Health Organization, every year there are more than 200 million new cases of malaria, with children under 5 the most vulnerable group affected by the disease. Long-lasting insecticidal treated nets (LLINs) are a form of individual protection to fight malaria, but insecticide resistance threatens to undermine net effectiveness. IVCC was founded to find solutions to the growing threat of insecticide resistant mosquitoes. IVCC and Avient joined forces to step up the global fight to eradicate malaria.

The Solution

IVCC’s strategy to deliver effective control of malaria-transmitting mosquitoes focuses on discovering new insecticides for protecting against malaria. Avient and IVCC created a new medium scale masterbatch production laboratory in China to support research and development into non-registered novel active ingredients for incorporation into long lasting treated nets. Avient has extensive global ability in the formulation development and manufacturing of groundbreaking material solutions to support malaria control, including a technologically advanced anti-mosquito masterbatch for use in long lasting treated nets.

The Impact

The pioneering facility supplies a platform to scale-up the formulation development and accelerate the process of launching innovative long lasting treated nets for protection against malaria together with innovation partners. The novel insecticides in development are formulated tightly into the masterbatch, allowing best bio-efficiency performance with a permanent but slow release to the surface—just enough to kill any mosquito by contact. This facility supports the creation and field testing of novel active ingredients in LLINS alone or in combinations. *Photo courtesy Disease Control Technologies, LLC