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Deep Black for Polyester Textiles Video Discover Avient's deep black colorants specially developed to provide intense jetness to spun-dyed polyester textiles. View
Fiber-Line™ Braiding Process Product/Service Overview Overview of  key features and fibers for Fiber-Line™ Braiding process View
Paint Replacement for Construction Vehicle Panels Case Study (Snapshot) Smartbatch™ FX replaces the need to paint vehicle panels  View
rPET Water Bottles Case Study (Snapshot) Packaging converter results using SmartHeat RHC View
Radiation Protection Aprons Case Study (Snapshot) CORE™ Vinyl Plastisols provided a plastisol solution to enhance performance and processing for radiation protection aprons View
ColorMatrix™ AAnchor™ Acetaldehyde Control Technology for PET Product/Service Overview Overview of ColorMatrix™ AAnchor™ Acetaldehyde Control Technology for PET View
EEG Headset Parts Case Study (Snapshot) Versaflex™ TPEs provided soft touch and satisfied regulatory requirements for EEG headset parts View
Composite Heat Release Technology for Firearm Barrels Product/Service Overview Overview and key characteristics of Composite Heat Release View
Gasket of Radial Artery Hemostat Case Study (Snapshot) Customized Versaflex™ TPEs provided soft-touch TPEs and met regulatory needs  View
Sealing Ring for Blood Lancet Manufacturer Case Study (Snapshot) Versaflex™ HC TPEs met regulatory needs and provided a recycled TPE solution for sealing ring View
Cesa™ Light Additives for Injection Molded Applications Product/Service Overview Learn more about the benefits and performance for Cesa™ Light Additives for injection molded applications View
Polystrand™ Thermoplastic Composite Panels Processing & Design Guides Application and installation guide for comparison data, application guidance, and tips for installation  View
Colorants and Additives for Wire & Cable Product Selection Guide Learn more about our portfolio for wire and cable applications View
Kitchen Extractor Hoods Case Study (Snapshot) Maxxam™ NHFR formulation provides non-halogen flame retardant performance for extractor fan  View
ECCOH™ Low Smoke and Fume Non-Halogen Formulation 5983 Product/Service Overview Overview of markets, applications, impact and performance data View
Jacket for Power Cable Case Study (Snapshot) ECCOH™ 5983 grade provides high ESCR and tear strength for power cable View
Renol™ Fiber Colorants Deep Black Colorants for PET Fibers Product/Service Overview Overview of Renol fiber colorants that achieve deep black shades in spun-dyed polyester and polyamide yarns. View
Cash Machine Tray Case Study (Snapshot) Stat-Tech™ formulations provide electrostatic discharge, flame retardant performance, and excellent stiffness for cash machine tray View
Syringe Tip Cap Case Study (Snapshot) Versaflex™ HC Thermoplastic Elastomers increased process efficiency and formulated a solution that met medical application requirements for syringe tip cap. View
Engineered Polymer Formulations for Firearm Components Product Selection Guide Overview of technologies, characteristics, and applications. View
Cesa™ Fiber Additives Hydrophobic Solutions for PP Nonwovens Product/Service Overview Overview of applications and benefits for hydrophobic solutions for PP nonwovens View
Cesa™ Anti-Block Slip LS Product/Service Overview Overview of key features, markets, applications, and regulatory standards. View
Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic (LFT) Solutions for Bicycles Application Graphic Explore long fiber reinforced thermoplastic (LFT) solutions that meet various bicycle application demands View
Running Shoe Insoles Case Study FlexSpring insoles take advantage of unidirectional, continuous fiberglass and thermoplastics to enable next-level performance for the everyday runner. View
Automotive Aftermarket Overview Application Overview Overview of the needs within automotive aftermarket and the long fiber thermoplastic (LFT) technologies to meet those needs View