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Mevopur™ Pharma Packaging – Case Study Case Study (Brief) Met requirements for stabilization during molding and sterilization for pharmaceutical packaging OEM View
Mevopur™ Needle Hub – Case Study Case Study (Brief) Provided needle hub manufacturer pre-tested raw materials in required color pallete and opacities View
OmniColor Multipurpose Color Concentrates Brochure Comprehensive brochure includes processing & ordering information and complete color chart View
Gravi-Tech™ Luxury Closure - Case Study (English & Spanish) Case Study (Brief) Gravi-Tech™ replaces metal and maintains a high quality look and feel for luxury closure (English & Spanish language version) View
In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Device - Case Study Case Study (Brief) MEVOPUR™ Laser-Transmitting and Laser-Absorbing Pre-color Solution improved productivity and quality for healthcare device View
Antimicrobials for Food Processing Environments Case Study (Brief) Incorporated additives to reduce microbe growth View
Antimicrobials for Roofing Membranes Case Study (Brief) Protected membranes from effects of flora, fungi and algae View
Antimicrobials for Potable Water Tanks - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Mitigated causal effect of undesirable odors View
Antimicrobials for Personal Care Devices - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Diminished microbes in patient mobility devices View
Specialty Engineered Materials - Product Selection Guide Product Selection Guide Explore product offerings for specialty engineered materials View
Automotive Lighting IR Lens - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Edgetek™ ET9400-8005 IR Formulation provided color customization for automotive lighting IR lens of sensor View
Stat-Tech™ Fire Alarm - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Stat-Tech™ ST7400-8010 ESD Formulations improved electrical conductivity for fire alarm View
Excelite™ IM Chemical Foaming Additives for Plastic Pallet Manufacturer - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Excelite™ IM Chemical Foaming Additives improved physical properties for plastic pallet manufacturer  View
Excelite™ IM Chemical Foaming Additives for HVAC Automotive Producer - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Excelite™ IM Chemical Foaming Additives improved cycle time and weight reduction View
Excelite™ IM Chemical Foaming Additives for Putty Knife - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Excelite™ IM Chemical Foaming Additives improved scrap rate and reduced prominent sink marks for putty knife manufacturer View
Excelite™ IM Chemical Foaming Additives for Automotive Grab Handle - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Excelite™ IM Chemical Foaming Additives provided excellent processing consistency and reduced production cycle times  View
Off-Road Vehicle Hood Panel - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Artisan™ high-gloss, pre-colored nylon (PA6) formulation provided paint replacement solution to meet brand needs View
Refrigerator Base - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Maxxam™ FR Flame Retardant Formulations provided a flame retardant solution and excellent processability for refrigerator base View
Cosmetic Dropper - Case Study Case Study (Brief) Versaflex™ Thermoplastic Elastomers improved chemical resistance for cosmetic droppers View
Less Wear, More Wow Article Reduce friction and ensuing wear to improve automotive system useful life View
Excelite™ IM Chemical Foaming Additives for Automotives - Case Study Case Study Liquid CFAs provide a top tier-1 molder with a consistent solution View
Advanced Composites for Demanding Applications - Infographic Brochure Highlights of some key benefits of advanced composites and trends shaping the market View
Edgetek™ Formulations for 5G - Product Bulletin (Chinese) Application Bulletin How Avient Edgetek™ formulations make the difference for 5G base station antenna applications (Chinese language version) View
Glasforms Improved Adhesion Pultrusions - Product Bulletin Product Bulletin Glasforms pultrusions featuring improved adhesion resin formulations provide enhanced adhesive properties that enable exceptional bonding performance for end products View
Auto-injector Application Study Application Bulletin Material technologies and services for next generation designs View