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Canning Lid Seals Application Snapshot CORE™ Bio-based Vinyl Plastisols provided a bio-derived plastisol to meet necessary regulations for this application View
Vehicle Light Heat Sinks Application Snapshot Therma-Tech™ provided lighter weight solutions with required thermal conductivity for automotive light heat sinks View
Hexagon Digimat Platform Case Study Collaboration with Hexagon and its Digimat Platform to enhance ability to accurately predict part performance View
Wheelchair Caster Wheels Case Study Customer success with Complēt™ Long Fiber to introduce lightweight composite caster wheels for improved wheelchair mobility View
OnColor Colorants Laundry Detergent Bottle Application Snapshot OnColor™ Polymer Colorants provided increased PCR and improved color consistency View
Hearing Protection Headset Application Snapshot Gravi-Tech formulations meet acoustic performance test and reduce weight in ear defenders.  View
Seat Pan for Off-Road Recreational Vehicle Application Snapshot Complēt™ long glass fiber reinforced nylon composite consolidated multiple metal parts to streamline manufacturing and assembly of an ATV seat pan View
Military Helmet Parts Application Graphic Bergamid™ formulations provide greater impact resistance for military helmet View
Fiber-Line™ Precision Winding Product Bulletin Product description, key characteristics, and applications for Fiber-Line™ Precision Winding View
Polystrand aPET Cargo Trailer Application Snapshot Polystrand™ aPET thermoplastic composite tri-ply laminate solution replaced metal and provided an impact resistant and corrosion-proof composite material to prevent dents and rust. View
OnColor™ Lux Colorants Product Bulletin Overview of our glow-in-the-dark colorants for automotive, consumer, and E&E products. View
EV Charging Gun Grip Application Snapshot Versaflex™ TPE Formulation provided chemical resistance and bonding for EV charging gun grip View
Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Market and Solutions Industry Bulletin/Overview Overview of EV charging market and technologies to enhance public charging stations View
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Solutions Brochure Challenges and solutions for materials used in EV charging stations View
Cesa™ Fiber Tracer Concentrates (Chinese) Product Bulletin Learn more about the applications and key benefits of Cesa Fiber Tracer Concentrates (Chinese language version) View
Automotive Aftermarket Motor Mount Application Snapshot Complēt™ 50% long glass fiber reinforced specialty PA66 thermoplastic replaces die-cast aluminum View
Medical Mannikins Application Snapshot Supplied a non-phthalate plastisol solution in specified colors to meet all performance requirements View
reSound™ REC Recycled Content TPEs - Sustainable TPEs for automotive interiors Product Bulletin Overview of the reSound™ REC TPEs 7310 series -- formulated specifically for automotive interior applications View
BOS - Battery S Frame Application Snapshot Nymax™ REC provides lightweight recycled solution for battery S frame.  View
Compartment Cover for Medical Device Application Snapshot Versollan™ Thermoplastic Elastomers achieved excellent adhesion and improved aesthetics and usability for compartment cover View
Auto-Injector Housing - Medical Delivery Device Application Snapshot A custom, impact-modified Trilliant™ HC formulation plus technical services met key needs and accelerated commercialization for a drug delivery device View
Advanced Composites Automotive Overview Application Bulletin Composite solutions for lightweighting, reinforcing, and replacing metal in automotive applications View
Gun Grip Sleeves Case Study Eco-conscious plastisols improve the firearm experience and meet guidelines  View
Diving Board Spring Application Snapshot Gordon Composites™ Molded Unidirectional Thermoset Barstock provided a corrosion-proof custom-shaped compression molded spring capable of deep deflection and high fatigue resistance for extended product life View
Cesa™ Laser Marking Additives Product Bulletin Product description, key characteristics and markets/applications View