Board Governance Letter

Message from the Governance and Corporate Responsibility Committee

Avient Board of Directors

Dear Avient Stakeholder, 

We appreciate that you have chosen to read Avient’s Sustainability Report.

Avient has clear responsibilities related to environmental, social and governance matters. We provide oversight and guidance with regard to how the Board and management evaluate and integrate these responsibilities into Avient’s business conduct. This includes equal opportunity and respect for all people, regardless of religious beliefs, age, race, gender or sexual orientation, as fully explained in Avient’s Code of Conduct and its Position on Human Rights. This also includes being a passionate steward of our natural resources for the longterm health and vitality of our planet.

As you read this report, you will note that Avient has policies, partnerships, investments and actions in support of ESG leadership. Our Corporate Governance Guidelines and our Committee charter furthers our commitment to maintain diversity at the highest levels of our company. In terms of background, expertise, demographics, and perspectives, Avient’s Board and leadership team are more diverse than ever before.

There are many aspects to sustainability, and they are integrated into Avient’s strategy and 2030 Sustainability Goals. These goals were instituted three years ago to deliver value to the company’s many stakeholders, and the company’s progress toward their achievement has been published for each.

Looking ahead, the need for business leadership on ESG-related matters has never been greater. Our 2030 Sustainability Goals will challenge us to lead by example, collaborate with stakeholders on sustainable solutions, and advance inclusion in our workplace and communities. This Sustainability Report captures our on-going progress in this important work.

We thank you for your ongoing interest in this growing, innovative company and the positive impact that Avient is making through the responsible and safe execution of our vision.

Members of the Governance and Corporate Responsibility Committee
Avient Board of Directors

Avient Board of Directors

Beach Lin

Sandra Beach Lin

Richard Fearon

Richard Fearon

Gregory Gof

Gregory Goff


Neil Green

Kerry Preete

Kerry Preete

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Dr. Patricia Verduin