Stat-Tech™ Static Dissipative & Electrically Conductive Formulations

Shielding performance for some of today’s most demanding electronics

Stat-Tech™ electrically conductive plastics are specifically engineered to provide antistatic, electrostatic discharge (ESD) for critical equipment applications. These compounds combine the performance of select engineering resins with reinforcing additives to provide the precise level of electrical conductivity required for your application.    

Electrically conductive plastics are typically evaluated by measuring the surface resistivity (SR) in ohms/sq. The lower the value, the more conductive the material will be. Typical material classifications follow:

  • Anti-stat plastics in the 10to 1012 ohms/sq performance range minimize generation of triboelectric charges and protect against electrostatic discharge from human contact.
  • Dissipative plastics in the 106 to 10ohms/sq range protect against electrostatic discharge from human contact.
  • Conductive plastics in the 10to 10ohms/sq range are capable of dissipating triboelectric charges.
  • EMI/RFI shielding plastics in the 10to 10range can be used to absorb and reflect electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Additional benefits and features of Stat-Tech formulations vary depending on the reinforcing additives used, such as carbon powder, carbon fiber, nickel-coated carbon fiber and stainless steel fiber. A variety of base resins can be used to create Stat-Tech compounds.


  • Lower cost compared with machined components, lower shipping cost
  • Reduced weight
  • Less susceptibility to scratches, chipping and dents
  • Inherent corrosion/oxidation resistance
  • Design flexibility
  • Part consolidation
  • Ideal for applications in a variety of industries, including transportation, electrical and electronic, and healthcare industries

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