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Foaming Agents

Foaming agents’ structures simultaneously increase strength and decrease weight.

Our cellular foaming agents help you cut weight, conceal surface defects and improve cycle times. Tested and proven across a wide range of polymers and applications, these foaming agents can be relied upon time and time again to make your manufacturing jobs easier and your end product more appealing.

Explore below to learn more about the value our foaming agents can bring to your business. 

OnCap™ Chemical Foaming Agents

Maintain finished part integrity with 50% less material by adding chemical foaming agents to your process.


OnCap™ PolyFoam foaming agents

OnCap™ PolyFoam™ blowing and foaming agents reduce density, increase dimensional stability and improve surface appearance in structural parts.


Excelite™ foaming technology

These agents add an exceptional surface finish and greater production control for vinyl extrusion applications like construction and digital printing.


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