Trilliant™ XR Lead Replacement Thermoplastics

An eco-conscious and better alternative to lead

Manufacturers can avoid the regulatory, disposal and employee exposure challenges associated with lead with Trilliant™ Thermoplastics. Several grades of Trilliant composites used for radiation shielding applications provide protections similar to traditional lead-based materials, yet these composites are lighter. Other radiation-shielding grades are available that match the density of lead (11 gm/cm3).


  • Customized density, offering a wide range of specific gravities
  • Broad modulus range, from very flexible to very rigid grades
  • Corrosion resistance, withstanding oxidization for long-term use and benefit
  • Chemical resistance, withstanding fuels, oils and other harsh chemicals
  • Design flexibility and processing ease
  • Good impact strength
  • Elevated heat deflection temperature

Name Category Description  
Case Study - Siemens CT Scanner
Case Study
Trilliant Healthcare Radiation Shielding Compound reduces environmental impact while lowering shielding component costs by up to 50 percent in new CT scanner line
Case Study - Trilliant - CT Scanners
Case Study
CT scanner manufacturer makes switch to a sustainable and moldable material for radiation shielding
Trilliant XR Radiation Shielding Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Key characteristics, target market, applications and technical properties

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