Trilliant™ HC Healthcare Thermoplastics

Healthcare solutions designed to meet evolving product and regulatory demands

Trilliant™ HC represents the latest from PolyOne in advanced materials solutions for healthcare customers. Trilliant HC materials have been designed to provide customized high-performance properties to meet a broad range of application-specific healthcare requirements, including color-matching and regulatory compliance. The Trilliant family of materials are U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) compliant. They also meet Food, Drug & Medical Product – Good Manufacturing Practices (FDM – GMP). 


  • Materials sourced based to USP Class VI
  • Fully specialized custom compounding
  • Formulations ‘locked down’
  • Drug Master File submissions by Product Stewardship
  • Guidance provided on a wide range of product characteristics including recommended sterilization processes, chemical resistance, secondary processes and many others
  • Consultative support in materials selection
  • PolyOne expertise in FDM GMP manufacturing practices

Chemical Resistant Blends:

  • Offer outstanding strength and durability
  • Available in standard grades or can be customized to meet specific performance requirements
  • Available in a wide array of base polymers, ranging in performance from PP to PEEK

Structurally Reinforced Materials:

  • High structural strength, reinforced materials created from a broad spectrum of base materials
  • Available in a wide array of base polymers, ranging in performance from PP to PEEK
  • USP Class VI grades available

Electrically Conductive Materials:

  • Balancing conductivity, flow and dimensional stability
  • High-strength materials coupled with consistent conductivity
  • Superior durability and easy processing

Antimicrobial Materials:

  • Organic and inorganic EPA-approved solutions
  • Wide range of base polymer compatibility

Radiation Shielding:

  • Polymer-metal composites offering an alternative to lead with specific gravities between 1.5-11


Name Category Description  
Case Study - Conductive Pipette Tips Improved
Case Study
Conductive pipette tip manufacturer uses Trilliant HC Specialty Compounds to increase savings, processing ease, toughness and performance
Trilliant HC High Performance Blends Processing Guide
Processing Guides
Injection molding parameters including barrel temperatures, injection and screw recovery parameters, melt and mold temperatures, and drying conditions
Trilliant HC High Performance Blends Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Product description, value solution, characteristics, markets and end-use applications
Trilliant HC/ Versaflex OM Joint Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Properties of Trilliant™ HC and Versaflex™ TPE for disinfectant resistant applications
Trilliant Product Selection Guide
Product Selection Guide
General and mechanical properties, impact, thermal, regulatory and sterilization values

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