Recycled Content TPEs

reSound™ R VX Recycled Content Thermoplastic Elastomers

Recycled Content TPEs for Sustainable Consumer Products

reSound™ R VX post-industrial recycle (PIR) and post-consumer recycle (PCR) TPEs help brand owners create sustainable end-user products, with formulations utilizing 25 and 40 percent recycled content. The PCR grade is formulated with recycled ocean plastics. Both PIR and PCR grades can be over molded onto polypropylene (PP) and are injection moldable. 

Formulated specifically for the consumer market, these grades can be used in applications such as personal care products, lawn and garden tools, outdoor goods, office supplies, footwear and houseware durables. 

reSound R VX products are commercially available in North America. 

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  • 25 and 40 percent recycled content
  • PCR grade is formulated with recycled ocean plastics
  • Supports the circular economy
  • Designed for the consumer market
  • 65 Shore A hardness
  • Can be overmolded to PP, injection moldable
  • Comparable performance to traditional TPEs



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