Colorant Chromatics™ Low Temperature Inks for ECTFE/ETFE/PVDF Marking

For striping, coding and top-coating wire and cable

Use these low temperature Colorant Chromatics™ curing inks to stripe, code or top-coat your fluoropolymer wire and cable insulation. These inks are water based with a synthetic binder for excellent adhesion to fluoropolymer materials. They are also light-stable to reduce the risk of fading to protect your color quality and product aesthetic.


  • A range of standard colors available
  • Heavy metal-free colors available 
  • No change in electrical characteristics
  • Resistant to petroleum jelly and organic solvents after cross-linking

Colorant Chromatics always recommends pre-heating the surface for optimum wetting and using cross-linking agents to improve drying and chemical and mechanical resistance.