ColorMatrix™ Apogee™ Glass Transition Enhancer for Thermoplastics

Apogee™ Glass Transition Enhancer is a multifunctional additive for thermoplastics (including polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC)) that reduces melt flow viscosity by lowering the polymer’s glass transition temperature (Tg). This lowering of Tg allows for reduced process temperatures, reduced cycle times, improved dimensional stability, and improved melt flow. Additionally, Apogee additive helps to break up laminar flow, which minimizes sinks and voids, improving part aesthetics.

Value Solution

Apogee Tg enhancer allows processors to achieve cycle time reduction by lowering the amount of heat energy needed to achieve suitable melt flow. Less heat during molding means shorter cooling times and quicker cycle times. An additional benefit of lower heat is an increase in dimensional stability.


Apogee additive is not merely a nucleating agent. It offers the additional benefits of:

  • Improving dimensional stability of molded parts
  • Reducing cycle time with increased flow in some applications
  • Saving energy by reducing processing temperatures
  • Adding flexibility in adjusting process conditions to achieve maximum benefit
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