VIDEO: Shape Memory Materials

Learn how a new class of responsive TPEs allow shape to be manipulated

We've developed a new class of stimuli-responsive materials. When used in a part, these formulations allow the part's shape to be changed by exposing it to a thermal stimulus. Our shape memory TPEs can enable breakthrough designs in both single and multi-component constructions.

  • Create user-customized ergonomic enhancements for a variety of applications in the sports, consumer and healthcare industries
  • Allow users to tailor products to fit their specific needs
  • Enable easy repairs as deformed parts return to their original geometries when heat is applied

These shape memory materials, whether standard or custom, can be colored, injection molded, extruded and overmolded onto PP.

Shape Memory Technology

Color hardness elongation strain recovery strain flexibility
Traslucent 60-80A 490-550% 97-98% 90-91%


Understanding Shape Memory Technology









  1. Material can change shape under strain at high temperature.
  2. Strain is maintained while material cools.
  3. Material will maintain the new shape at the low temperature without any external strain.
  4. Material returns to its original shape when heated to high temperature.
  5. The process can be repeated.