Startup Company Differentiates With Color and Grip

GOBIE H2O gains market share with a comfortable non-slip grip and attractive aesthetics

The Challenge

A startup company invented a reusable, filtered-water bottle as an alternative to single-use bottles and needed a material that would meet its performance requirements and differentiate its bottle in the reusable bottle market. The GOBIE® H20 bottle has several ergonomically designed features, including a finger loop for carrying the bottle, a non-slip base, and a patented FlexFlo™ squeeze grip.

GOBIE H2O needed a colored material for these features that would deliver a comfortable non-slip grip, attractive aesthetics, and a strong bond with the base bottle material (a copolyester) for durability. GOBIE evaluated more than 40 different materials, including rubber, along with methods such as bonding and ultrasonic welding.

The Solution

After consulting with PolyOne, GOBIE selected a GLS Versaflex™ TPE material for overmolding onto the bottle. The overmolded TPE avoids bonding problems that GOBIE had experienced with other materials. Versaflex™ TPE is recyclable and dishwasher-safe. The FDA-compliant TPE material avoids leaching into the bottle’s contents.

Overmolded TPEs add a soft touch and provide an appealing feel and good grip in both wet and dry conditions. The material also provides an attractive matte finish that maintains appearance after prolonged use. TPEs can be easily colored, and GOBIE chose PolyOne's OnColor™ FDA-compliant colorants to differentiate its creative and sustainable product line with fresh and bright hues.

The Impact

"PolyOne provided incredible support, from trialing and testing services to onsite consultations," said Ari Hoffman, chief operating officer and co-founder of GOBIE H2O. “We are a small company, but PolyOne provided excellent support, spending time and effort to help make this project a success."