Geon™ SF High Flow

Geon SF

Superior flow and improved thermal stability

Geon™ SF High Flow rigid injection molding vinyl utilizes patent pending technology to expand rigid vinyl’s processing window, delivering superior flow and improved thermal stability compared to current injection molding formulations. Geon™ SF formulations allow you to select vinyl for indoor or outdoor applications previously requiring more expensive engineered thermoplastics to produce large or thin-walled parts.


Geon SF High Flow rigid injection molding vinyl markets & applications include:

  • Shake siding
  • Railing spindles
  • Laundry appliance housings
  • Other large or thin-walled applications

Geon SF High Flow
Product Name Exterior Performance UL94
GEON SF M7000 No Yes
GEON SF M7010 No Yes
GEON SF M7020 No Yes
GEON SF M7100 Yes Yes
GEON SF M7120 Yes Yes
Name Category Description  
Case Study - Metal Replacement for Solar Lighting
Case Study
Geon™ M5705 used in Smart Hero outdoor lighting applications to replace metal
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Technical Bulletin
Geon™ Rigid Vinyl versus other flame-resistant polymers
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