Rigid Vinyl Formulations

Interior Materials

Geon™ interior formulations meet the properties needed for general-purpose, indoor, UV-stable, normal impact or superior impact uses and are commonly used in industries requiring fire resistance, such as appliance, and electrical and electronics.

Transparent Materials

Geon transparent formulations are fire, chemical and impact resistant. The balance of properties provided allow for replacement of costly glass, polycarbonate or acrylic in applications such as battery jars, soap and tissue dispensers, and refrigerator crisper trays.

Exterior Materials

Geon exterior formulations are UV stable and can withstand extreme weather conditions with good color and impact retention over time. They require less maintenance than wood or metal.

Geon™ FX Metal

Metallic look without paint that stands up to wear and tear beautifully 


Geon™ Bold Alloys

Deeper colors that last longer and resist heat build up for exterior applications 


Resilience™ Healthcare

Superior disinfectant resistance to better withstand healthcare environments


Geon™ Injection Molding

Need a vinyl material that will hold up to high temperatures and corrosive chemicals?


Geon™ Cellular Extrusion

Geon™ Vinyl cellular grades are a cost-effective way to replicate the look and feel of decorative wood, and an excellent lightweight substrate material in extruded profiles.


Geon™ CPVC

Geon™ CPVC brings high temperature and corrosion resistance to a number of applications, from fluid handling to building and construction.


Collaborating for Clean Water

Learn how PolyOne's Geon™ Vinyl Formulations helped WaterStep provide clean water to disaster victims