Geon™ Wire & Cable

High performance and sustainability—you can have both

Available in standard and customized formulations, Geon™ Wire & Cable vinyl materials are suitable for use in extrusion and molding applications, and they are supported globally. Many applications benefit from our proven flexible solutions, including CATV cable jacket, low-temperature, fire-resistant and armored power cables.

If you're looking for RoHS-compliant, UL or CSA listings, our broad range of offerings has you covered. Non-phthalate versions also are available for applications that must meet the most stringent international regulatory standards.


Geon vinyl wire and cable formulations can be used in almost every possible jacketing and primary insulation application, including:

  • Telecommunications
  • Power and control cables
  • Building wire
  • Fiber optics
  • Apparatus and cord sets
  • Plenum

We can work with you to develop specialty formulations for the newest applications. From non-heavy-metal stabilized to foamed technologies, and all those in between, we'll keep you at the forefront of innovation.

Geon Wire & Cable
Group Suggested Applications Enhanced Characteristics UL Temperature Rating Range (°C)
Telecom Riser jacket, optical fiber buffer, CATV jacket Processing speed, UV resistance, toughness
Power & Control Insulation, tray cables, conduit, jacketing Oil resistance, toughness, UV resistance
CATV Indoor/outdoor jacketing Low temperature performance
Building Wire Jacketing, insulation, fiber optics CSA/UL listed, high and low temperature resistance
Plenum Jacketing Rated for plenum applications
Apparatus & Cord Jacketing/insulation for plugs, flexible cords UL 94 V-0 yellow card, high and low temperature resistance
Name Category Description  
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PolyOne helps you meet current and future requirements with our broad portfolio of Geon™ Performance Materials for wire and cable, supported by regulatory assistance, testing and analytical services, and processing expertise. 
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