Versaflex™ PKG Chemical Resistant Thermoplastic Elastomers

Looking for chemical resistant materials for your cosmetic, personal care or household packaging? We've developed a new line of chemical resistant thermoplastic elastomers that give brand owners and packaging manufacturers' fresh options for designing chemical resistant applicators, dispensing pumps, closure seals and slit valves that are integrated directly into the packaging and do not discolor, etch, crack or delaminate when in direct contact with aggressive chemicals.

Chemical Resistant TPEs Add Functionality that Brings Value to Consumers
  • Chemical Resistance – Resists aggressive soaps, detergents, lotions, oils and solvents found in cosmetic, personal care and household products
  • Regulatory – Compositionally compliant with certain chemical and food contact regulations
  • Value – Economical alternative to silicone and over-engineered medical grade TPEs 
  • Easy to Process – Can be injection molded and overmolded right onto the substrate including PP, ABS, etc.
  • Aesthetics – Add color and texture to stand out from the competition
  • Recyclable – TPEs are compatible with most municipal recycle streams

Versaflex PKG Thermoplastic Elastomers
Product Name Hardness Shore A Regulatory Color Overmolding Bonds To Chemical Resistance
Versaflex™ PKG 4345, 4355, 4365 45A, 55A, 65A REACH SVHC, FDA 21 CFR, EU 10/2011 Translucent Polypropylene #1 for Soaps; Low-cost solution for non-polar oils
Versaflex PKG 4465 65A REACH SVHC, FDA 21 CFR Translucent Polypropylene #2 for Soaps; Some oils
Versaflex PKG 4570 70A REACH SVHC, FDA 21 CFR Natural Polar substrates #1 for Polar & non-polar oils; #1 for Non-polar solvents, like isododecane
Versaflex PKG 4665 65A REACH SVHC, FDA 21 CFR Natural Polar substrates #2 for Non-polar oils; Abrasion resistance
Name Category Description  
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Chemical resistant solutions for cosmetic, personal care and household packaging
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