UltraTuf™ LED Diffusing Sheet

UltraTuf LED Sheet

UltraTuf LED sheet is easy to fabricate, enabling ample creativity in design

Many factors come into play when choosing a diffusing lens material for indoor LED light fixtures. Light transmission & diffusion, toughness & durability, and ease of fabrication are among the most important considerations.

UltraTuf™ LED sheet, manufactured using Eastman Spectar™ Stratus copolyester, is specially designed with optical properties that allow high levels of light transmission while effectively hiding hot spots in LED applications. This durable sheet also provides an excellent balance between toughness and ease of fabrication. It withstands the rigors of shipping and installation, yet allows creativity in design and forming.



  • Outstanding diffusion
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Durability
  • Design flexibility
  • Chemical resistance
  • GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified

Spectar is a registered trademark of Eastman Chemical Company
GREENGUARD Certification Program is owned by UL Environment


UltraTuf LED Sheet
UltraTuf™ LED Sheet Copolyester Indoor LED Diffusing Sheet High light transmission combined with outstanding hiding power
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