Lenticular 3D Specialty Printing Sheet

Lenticular 3D

Create unmistakable depth and motion effects

This clear, print-grade plastic sheet has a series of longitudinal lenses extruded into the surface that can produce a 3D, flip, animation, or morph effects. Lenticular printing creates an illusion of depth or motion, making it ideal for marketers, advertisers and printers that want to make a unique impact with their graphic arts materials.


  • Available in various materials such as PETG, APET and other copolyesters
  • Can comply with FDA regulation 1CFR177.1640 for PETG and APET, which states that such materials may be safely used in contact with foods.

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Lenticular Sheet and FIlm Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
3-D and motion effect imaging product description, value solution, key characteristics, markets and applications

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