Formalloy™ XF Radiation Abatement Sheet

Formalloy™ XF

A lead-free, eco-friendly alternative for radiation shielding

Formalloy™ XF leverages PolyOne's high density Trillant™ HC polymers to create a novel barrier from radiation. The high specific gravity and radio-opaque filler of the sheet allow it to attenuate harmful radiation from diagnostic imaging equipment such as X-Ray machines. Formalloy XF allows customers to replace lead as a shielding material in their applications.


  • Eliminates costs and risks inherent when handling lead: Formulated using eco-conscious materials that do not incur costly material handling, manufacturing, disposal, and employee safety costs associated with lead            
  • Mitigating risk: Reduces the risk of employee lead exposure during the manufacturing, transportation and disposal processes  
  • Reduce inventory costs: Flexible lead times and order sizes

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Formalloy™ XF - Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Radiation abatement sheet description and value

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