Specialty Sheet

When your plastics need to have a unique capability to meet a special application or functionality, the expert technologists and formulators at PolyOne can provide a solution. Examples of advanced properties include: low emission, radiation shielding, electro-static dissipation, and antimicrobial. Take a look at some of the innovations we’ve developed and brief us on your specific needs—the solution may be closer than you think.

Royalite™ R26 Food Contact Sheet

R26 meets both FDA and NSF requirements for safe food handling.


Formalloy™ XF Radiation Abatement Sheet

This TPO sheet is well suited for large part thermoforming applications that are subject to moving vibrations.


Low E (Emission) Specialty Sheet

This sheet is highly transparent, weather resistant, oil and solvent resistant, flexible, moldable, recyclable, and even printable.


3D Specialty Printing Sheet

This clear, print-grade plastic sheet has a series of longitudinal lenses extruded into the surface that can produce a 3D, flip, animation, or morph effects.


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