Printing Grade Sheet

PolyOne offers a full line of printable substrates for promotional signage, gift cards, plant tags, packaging components and more. Our high-quality print grade plastics are compatible with many common printing technologies including digital, screen, lithographic and lenticular. We offer a variety of surface treatments and finishes, colors, opacities, sizes and gauges.

ProSurface™ HIPS and Polypropylene Sheet

ProSurface HIPS and Polypropylene Sheet is specially formulated for digital, lithographic and screen printing systems.


Spectar™ Copolyester Printing Sheet

Spectar copolyester printing sheets offer good impact strength, outstanding chemical resistance and excellent thermoforming and fabrication characteristics.


Lenticular 3D specialty Printing Sheet

The longitudinal lenses extruded into this surface allow otherwise impossible 3D effects.


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