UltraTuf™ CX Durable Sheet

Provides a combination of high impact strength and superior clarity

UltraTuf™ CX is a unique copolyester alloy formulated for increased impact strength that will not deform or strain under stress.  Enjoy excellent chemical resistance and formability.


  • Superior weatherability & UV resistance
  • Suitable for extended outdoor use

UltraTuf CX Durable Sheet
Product Name Description Characteristics Characteristics
UltraTuf™ CX-D Unique copolyester alloy Superior weatherability UV-resistance
UltraTuf™ CX-UV Copolyester sheet UV cap for extended outdoor use Chemical resistance
Name Category Description  
UltraTuf CX CX-D Product Bulletin
Product Bulletin
Co-polyester alloy sheet description, value solution, key characteristics, markets and end-use applications

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