Acetate Films

Used in hundreds of applications due to its ease of handling

Anyone who has handled modern playing cards knows the feel and look of typical acetate films – but these films have uses in many more markets, such as safety products and facial protection. Derived from wood pulp, cellulose acetate films are plasticized to enhance flexibility and durability. Our PolyOne acetate films are easy to work with and durable in many applications.


  • Available thicknesses - .015”-.060”
  • Transparent or opaque colors
  • Available sheet dimensions - 22” X 51.75” (fixed)
  • Compliant with American National Standard Institute ANSI Z87.1-2003 for safety - minimum .039” thickness

% Light Transmission for Transparent Grades

  • Clear - 85% minimum
  • Green filtered / very light green - 43% minimum, 57% maximum
  • Medium green - 19% minimum, 27% maximum
  • Dark green - 10% minimum, 18% maximum

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