Edgetek™ AT Acetal (POM) Formulations

Ideal in precision parts that require high dimensional stability

The Edgetek™ AT product family is a range of unfilled, filled and impact-grade acetal (POM) compounds. Using POM homopolymer or copolymer as the base resin, these materials offer a wide range of physical properties and are often specified where certain key performance issues are critical. Edgetek AT compounds are available pre-colored or can be colored during the manufacturing process with concentrates such as PolyOne’s OnColor™ masterbatches.          


  • Excellent stiffness/toughness, even at low temperatures
  • Very good fatigue endurance
  • Low friction and wear for fewer field failures in moving parts
  • Low moisture absorption makes it ideal for tight tolerances in moist environments.
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Cost effective alternative to expensive metal parts.

Additional benefits:  

  • Very good creep resistance
  • Good electrical properties
  • Easily processed by injection molding or extrusion

Name Category Description  
Edgetek AT Acetal Compounds Brochure
Product Bulletin
Product description, value solution, characteristics, markets and end-use applications
Edgetek AT Injection Molding Guide
Processing Guides
Injection molding parameters and startup/shutdown recommendations
Edgetek AT Processing Guide
Processing Guides
Chemicals and resistance values
Edgetek AT Product Selector
Product Selection Guide
Typical properties of Edgetek Reinforced, Impact modified and ATX XXXX Color
Edgetek AT Trouble Shooting Guide
Troubleshooting Guide
Problems, causes and solutions

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