Edgetek™ AM Non-Halogen Flame Retardant Formulations

Ideal for thin walled applications where mechanical and flame retardant performance is critical

Edgetek™ AM is a class of flame retardant, halogen free, semi-aromatic polyamides. It differs from conventional polyamides with higher mechanical strength and exceptional thermal resistance. These cost-effective, engineered-material solutions have been developed for a wide range of electrical and electronic high-end applications in electrical power management, automotive electronics and consumer industries. Edgetek AM bridges the cost/performance gap between traditional engineered thermoplastics and other high-performance specialty thermoplastics such as PPA, PPS, PSU, PES and PEI.       


  • Excellent strength and toughness
  • Dimensional stability with minimized warpage
  • Temperature resistance: melting point (310°C)
  • Flammability (UL94-V0/0.8mm)
  • Glow wire performance (IEC 606095-2-12/-13): GWFI 960
  • Excellent electrical properties: comparative tracking index (IEC 60112) 600V
  • Colorability even in light colors
  • Easy processing
  • Self-extinguishing performance
  • Creep resistance at high temperature
  • Mechanical and electrical performance
  • Ideal for thin-walled parts in multi-cavity molds
  • Non-halogenated formula enables product manufacturing with lower environmental impact

Name Category Description  
Case Study - Electronic Component Manufacturer Boosts Efficiency and Sustainability
Case Study
Electronics component manufacturer avoids retooling and reduces material usage by adopting a cost-efficient and environmentally conscious material solution from PolyOne
Case Study - Manufacturer Improves Quality and Reliability
Case Study
Hard disk drive manufacturer improves quality and reliability by reducing electrostatic discharge and ionic contamination in its production line with Edgetek conductive compounds
Case Study - OEM Sparks Sales
Case Study
High temperature polyamide solution helps customer regain market leadership position by lowering environmental impact and decreasing assembly costs

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