Polycast™ Super Abrasion Resistant (SAR™) Acrylic Sheet

45 times more abrasion resistance than uncoated sheet

A hard, highly cross-linked polysilicate coating is applied to an acrylic substrate to produce the Polycast™ Super Abrasion Resistant (SAR™) Acrylic Sheet. This coating gives the SAR sheet a surface with 45 times the abrasion resistance of uncoated acrylic, making it the perfect material for applications that require the safety, optical and aesthetic qualities of acrylic, along with a highly abrasion-resistant surface. 


  • Half the weight of glass
  • Safer and easier handling
  • Less costly and less time consuming installation
  • Can be cut and fabricated at the installation site using power tools
  • Can be readily fitted into existing frames

Polycast Super Abrasion Resistant (SAR)
Product Name Description Characteristics
Polycast RinkMaster Cell cast acrylic sheet with excellent abrasion resistance Suitable for hockey rink glazing, bus glazing, display cases. Use when extreme abrasion resistance is required
Name Category Description  
Polycast SAR
Product Bulletin
Product description, applications and physical properties

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